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Powertec Power Rack System


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 Powertec Fitness  Powertec Fitness
 Powertec Fitness

Why Powertec Fitness Leverage Equipment?

Leverage machines have successfully produced accelerated gains in overall muscular size and strength. They can do that because they provide the same natural gravity forces as a barbell or dumbbell. That type of raw, pure resistance is the most effective means of force against the muscle. We know free-weight training works, but, it has limitations. Leverage machines, because they safely control the exercise at all times, allow you to push the muscle to total failure. That's the reason leverage is the superior form of anaerobic strength training and why thousands of bodybuilders and pro athletes use these machines every day. Until recently, you could only find leverage machines at your gym, Now they are available for your home. Read the Full Article here.

Powertec Power Rack System

The revamped Power Rack comes standard with new and Improved Chin Up Bars and Olympic Bar Safety Catches, It also features the ability to add a wide variety of Power Rack accessories, such as: Weight Plates Storage Horns, Up-Right Extensions, Step-Up Plates, Rope Anchors and Rope Strengthening Rings, Barbell Landmine Attachments and a Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar.

The New Innovative Gravity Lock Safety Catches are included and provide safety at all times. The Power Rack also features a new numeric system (numbers are printed on displaying even numbers only) for easy reading and quick setting and adjusting of its accessories and the included Dip Bars.

Includes Rack and Lat Tower

Dip Bars

Chin Bars

Long Lat Bar

Short Straight Bar


All Powertec machines are covered under the following warranty to the original purchaser:
Lifetime warranty on the frame (excludes surface finish).   Two years on component parts (bearings, spring pins).
One year on pads, grips and unspecified parts.
Shipping charges may not be covered under the warranty.
Warranties may be voided by abusive use or alterations made to the unit. To obtain warranty service, it may be necessary to return damaged parts to Powertec.
Replacement parts may vary in color.
Any missing parts must be reported within 30 days of receipt of unit(s).


Model # WBPR16-WBLTO16 / Optional WB-UB16 Package

Dimension: (LxWxH): 50.8" x 50.6" x 84" (66" width with dip-bar)

Lat Option: (LxWxH): 30" x 37.5" x 80"

Weight load capacity:

Rack section = 1000 LBS

Chin up and dip bars = 400 LBS bodyweight

Lat Carriage Weight Horns = 300 LBS

Weights and Weight Stack NOT included

Powertec Quality


Optional Accessories - See Below


Add 300 lb Weight Set during checkout for a discounted price.

Includes: (1) Olympic 7 Chrome Bar, (2) 45 lb. Plates, (2) 35 lb. Plates, (2) 25 lb. Plates, (2) 10 lb. Plates, (4) 5 lb. Plates, (2) 2.5 lb. Plates, and (2) Spring Collars


Available Weight Set Packages:

OB-300 Black Standard Olympic Weight Set - $330

OG-300 Gray Standard Olympic Weight Set - $330

GO-VR 300 VTX Rubber Encased Olympic Weight Set $495



Powertec Power Rack with Lat Tower

(Bench, Leg Ext, Weights, and Weight Stack Not Included)

Only $1324.00 - Select Color During Checkout

 Add to Cart Item# WBPR16-WBLTO16






WBPR16-WBLTO16 Powertec Power Rack System YELLOW



Powertec Power Rack System






Powertec Power Rack with Lat Tower & Bench

(Leg Extension, Weights, and Weight Stack Not Included)

Only $1669.00 - Select Color During Checkout

 Add to Cart Item# WBPR16-WBLTO16-WBUB16






WBPR16-WBLTO16 WBUB16 Powertec Power Rack System w/Bench YELLOW



Powertec Power Rack System w/Bench



 Olympic Weights

Load up your New Powertec Machine with Olympic plates from Ivanko, Troy, Hampton, Iron Grip or TKO. Plates Listed Here!

Powertec Power Rack Shown with Optional Accessories.

Power Rack Upright 5" Extension.

Designed to increase 5" overall height to the Front Up-Rights.

Allows users to increase the performance and range of motion while performing.

Pull-up's/Chin-up's and additional exercise routines.

Sold in Qty of : Set of 2


Only $40.00

 Add to Cart

Item# WB-PR15-EXA

Shipping Included!

Powertec Power Rack Weight Horns. Designed to provide Weight Plates Storage on Power Racks, the Weight Plates Storage Horns feature Powertec's innovative gravity locking system.

Weight Capacity Max Load 250 lbs.

Compatible with ONLY WB-PR15 or later models

Sold in Qty of : Set of 2

Only $75.00

 Add to Cart

Item# WB-PR16-WHA

Shipping Included!

Step-Up Plate is designed as an accessory attachment for Power Racks, allows users to perform exercise routines such as Back Squats, Step-Up Plate Glute-Ham Raises, Step-Up Plate Depth Romanian Deadlifts, Incline Sit-ups, etc.

Its versatility allows users to set and adjust the Step-up Plate at different heights depending on users needs.

IMPORTANT: Purchase of Footplate Accessory necessary or a counter balance with Weight horn and weight plates necessary to ensure stability for Step-Up Plate exercises.

Weight Capacity Max Load (lbs): 300 lbs.

Compatible with Powertec Power Racks.

Sold in qty of : Each

Powertec recommends that all Powertec Power Racks get secured and anchored to a Solid Surface Floor before using any of the new Power Rack attachments and Accessories.

Only $251.00

 Add to Cart

Item# WB-PR15-SUPA

Shipping Included!

Powertec Rings Anchor design allows for Strength bands and Exercise Ropes.

To be attached and adjusted to various heights on the Power Rack up-rights.

The locking Pin design provides a secure, solid fit.

Compatible with: Powertec Power Racks

Sold in Qty of : set of 2 rings.

Only $45.00

 Add to Cart

Item# WB-PR16-RRA

Shipping Included!


Powertec Resistance Band Pegs will add a wide range of strength training options. The powder coated triple pegs design allows for a solid and secure fit for multiple bands, while the slip-stop at the end of each pegs ensure added safety.

To be attached to the base on the left and right side of the Power Rack.

The double bolts design provides a secure, solid feel that other inserted rods design cannot achieve.

Compatible with: Powertec Power Racks 2016 and after (WB-PR16)

Sold in Qty of : Each

Resistance Bands NOT included.

Only $45.00

 Add to Cart

Item# WB-PR16-RBP

Shipping Included!

The Powertec Barbell Landmine Attachment features a Locking Pin system which allows easy access and storage for the Olympic Barbell Bar.

Also, includes an adapter for a 1" Barbell Bar.

Compatible with: Powertec Power Racks

Sold in Qty of : Each

Only $92.00

 Add to Cart

Item# WB-PR15-BLA

Shipping Included!

Powertec Multi-Grip Bar for Power Racks

Newly designed provides users the versatility and a variety of grips for the performance of various exercises.

Can be used and its compatible with: WB-PR16-EXA power Rack 5" Extension.

Weight Capacity Max Load: 400lbs

Compatible with : Powertec Power Racks

Sold in Qty of : Each

Only $103.00

 Add to Cart

Item# WB-PR16-MGBA

Shipping Included!

Powertec Rope Anchor

Designed for Rope and Strength Bands exercises, the Rope Anchor can be attach to the front base on the Power Rack.

Compatible with: Powertec Power Racks


Only $49.00

 Add to Cart

Item# WB-PR15-RAA

Shipping Included!

Foot Plate Accessory For Powertec Power Racks

Designed for Powertec Power Racks, Half Racks and Roller Smith Systems.

The newly designed Foot Plates provide additional stability.

The Foot Plates unique design allow users to secure and anchor the systems to the floor.

Dimension:  2 3/4" x 2 3/4"

Compatible with:
All Powertec Power Racks, Half Racks, and roller Smith Systems.

Sold in Qty of : set of 4

Only $82.00

 Add to Cart

Item# WB-FPA22

Shipping Included!


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Dock to Dock - Commercial (If Dock is available)

Curbside Delivery - Residential or No Dock

Lift Gate + $40 (optional) - (please email us if you would like to add the lift gate)

Signature Required - Yes

Delivery Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

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